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Patrick Ewing Overdrive

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[sticky post] happy birthday jesus over merry christmas [Dec. 29th, 2013|11:27 am]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

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[Current Music |Auld lang syne]

Th overs-generating machine was rusty, but it still cranks

  1. Patrice Lumumba Malcolm O'Neal over Andy Kaufman

  2. Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao over Floyd “Money” Mayweather
    *poke*round th corner

  3. DeMarcus Cousins over LaMarcus Aldridge

  4. Rye Rye over Azealia Banks

  5. Neil Michael Hagerty over Thurston Moore

  6. PJ Harvey over Björk

  7. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy over Harmony Korine

  8. Idlewild over The Pixies

  9. Taylor Swift over Kanye West

  10. Lana Del Rey over Ke$ha

  11. OK Go over Radiohead

  12. Yellow Magic Orchestra over Daft Punk

  13. Cypress Hill over Beastie Boys

  14. Gangsta Pat over Project Pat

  15. Jerry Lee Lewis over Elvis Presley

  16. Joe Rogan's podcast over Marc Maron's podcast

  17. King City over Scott Pilgrim
    click to embiggen

  18. THX 1138 (1971) over Cloud Atlas (2012)
    alone, unloved, unmourned

  19. Weird Science (1985) over Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)

  20. Inside Deep Throat (2005) over Deep Throat (1972) over Lovelace (2013)

  21. Make Way for Tomorrow (1937) over It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
    get a room

  22. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) over Frances Ha (2012)
    high there

  23. Pope Francis over President Obama
    zup kid

  24. TNG over Dr Who
    Th good father

  25. Captain Picard over The Doctor

  26. Tony Soprano over Walter White

  27. Columbo over Law & Order

  28. disagreeing w/ people you like over agreeing w/ people you dislike

  29. self-front-patting over self-back-patting

  30. bowerbirds over peacocks

  31. Adam Curtis over Errol Morris

  32. Peter Falk over The Most Interesting Man in the World
    los bros

  33. wet pussy over grumpy cat

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just doing over just sayin [Aug. 9th, 2012|09:16 am]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

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[Current Mood |hyperhyper]
[Current Music |TAHITI "Tonight"]

  1. Damsels in Distress over Girls

  2. George Kuchar over Andy Warhol
    'Portrait of George Kuchar' (2012) by Ryan Martin

  3. saying the truth w/o hurting someone's feelings over the brutal truth

  4. the brutal truth over the self-preserving lie

  5. the brutal truth over the mincing truth

  6. the bold lie over the mincing truth

  7. suicide as a verb over fail as a noun

  8. Patrice O'Neal over Twitter
    domestic Patrice

  9. washing dishes over emptying the dish rack

  10. Battlestar Galactica over Game of Thrones
    same facial expression again and again

  11. Eleanor Davis over Gabrielle Bell
    Eleanor Davis

  12. Lisa Hanawalt over Kate Beaton
    Hanawalt Beach

  13. Wes Craven over Wes Anderson

  14. David Simon's worst over Aaron Sorkin's best

  15. Josh Simmons over David Heatley
    Gotham Simmons

  16. Kylie Minogue over Michael Jackson
    Ms Minogue

  17. Pill over Odd Future

  18. ladies who read The Hairpin over ladies who read Jezebel

  19. Footnotes in Gaza over How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less
    You are there

  20. thinking over provoking thought

  21. feeling over talking about feelings

  22. getting loved over deserving love

  23. love over like

  24. growing your own tomatoes over consumer activism

  25. Pussy Riot (pussy_riot !) over American feminists
    P to the R

  26. digestion over regurgitation

  27. real talk over fake outrage

  28. real action over real talk

  29. J Mascis over Lou Barlow

  30. Donna in the movie over Donna in the TV series
    turkey dog

  31. artists as critics over critics as artists

  32. trimmed trim over shaved trim

  33. standing over sitting

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2010|03:22 am]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

Water out of the bathroom sink over Water out of the kitchen sink.

Why? Can't say.
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raw idealism and random hobbies over pointless cynicism and boring nights [Jun. 24th, 2010|06:29 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

[Current Music |Track 4]

1. pen and paper roleplaying over your hobby
2. deconstructed over archetypical over stereotypical
3. fairytale over myth (t. rex over led zeppelin)
4. community over individualism over mindless followers
5. wonder over awe
6. freedom over privacy over safety
7. pop music before 1950 over pop music, 1990+ over pop music, 1950 to 1990
8. wisdom over creativity over intelligence over cunning
9. piano blues over guitar-heavy blues
10. (punk rock over) sludge over doom over nwobhm over power over hair over thrash/speed overdeath over black over grindcore over nu- over taking yourself too seriously
11. slasher flicks over zombie flicks
12. tom t. hall over townes van zandt [but barely]
13. new wave over the truth
14. audrey over katharine
15. torches over balls over clubs over rings over scarves over stupid but inevitable jokes about chainsaws over not juggling at all
16. cows as adorable over cows as delicious
17. bubbles over bodie over the bunk over snoop over lester freamon over frank sobotka over namond over norman over bunny colvin over ziggy sobotka over omar over carver over prop joe over waylon over landsman over kima over brother mouzone over rawls
18. angelo broccato's over the creole creamery over coldstone creamery over baskin robbins
19. czech cinema over french cinema
20. a higher power over cynicism over depression
21. absurdity over nihilism
22. the clancy brothers & tommy makem over the clancy brothers & robbie o'connell
23. conversation over criticism over rating over charting
24. thirty speed over fixed gear (and steel over carbon)
25. benson over jeeves over geoffrey
26. the truth over new wave
27. lavette over swann [but barely]
28. charming intercharacter chemistry over witty dialogue over joss whedon's attempts at both
29. original creatures over eldritch abominations over faeries over ghosts over dragons over goblins, orcs, ogres, etc. over unicorns over gnomes over halflings/hobbits/kender over dwarves over therianthropes/animalpeople over elves over vampires (which suck)
30. scifi films of the 50s and before over scifi films of the 80s over scifi films of the 70s over scifi films of the 60s over scifi films of the 90s over scifi films of the 00s
31. mardi gras uptown over mardi gras in the french quarter
32. johnny vegas over bill bailey over phil jupitius over rob brydon over david mitchell over dara o briain over sean lock over rich hall over ronni ancona over clive anderson over jeremy clarkson over john sessions over jimmy carr over jo brand over andy hamilton over vic reeves
33. media analysis over pop culture fetishism
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overs OVER unders [Jun. 24th, 2010|01:27 am]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

1) Nick Cave as the poor man's Tom Waits OVER PJ Harvey as the poor man's Cat Power
2) Second wind OVER Coup de grâce
3) Secret hideout OVER Secret identity
4) One for All OVER All for One OVER Power being directly proportional to responsibility
5) Poetic justice OVER Vigilante justice
6) Mechanics as crooks OVER Lawyers as crooks
7) Ween OVER Tenacious D
8) Acid OVER Mushrooms
9) Heart OVER Earth OVER Water OVER Fire OVER Wind
10) Invisibility OVER Invincibility
11) Occasional psychedelics OVER Pot monster
12) 90% of phones have keyboards now you have no fucking excuse to type like a retarded 13 year old OVER efficiency
13) enjoying the ride cause we're gonna get fucked beyond belief in the future OVER white guilt
14) being happy with what you have out of necessity OVER being happy with what you have on principle
15) the invisible, intangible connection between all living things in the universe OVER the eventual, actual connection of everything via the internet
16) Foreplay OVER Wordplay
17) silent condescension OVER grammar nazis
18) livejournal OVER facebook OVER myspace OVER twitter
19) "social networking" as a fad OVER the doom of future generations
20) getting paid and getting laid OVER condemning the youth of today during your youth
22) Staying up till 2 instead of midnight and hitting the mailbox in the morning OVER keeping your movies for 2 months because you keep watching instant crap on your ps3/wii/whatever OVER keeping your movies for 2 months because you "never get around to watching them"
23) Maxim and comics in your bathroom OVER Finnegan's Wake and some Ayn Rand novels
25) Music you can dance to OVER Music you can mope to
27) Your grandparents being married for 60 years sentimentality OVER Harold Bloom romanticized Don Juan bullshit
28) Cat Stevens OVER Cassius Clay
29) Ali OVER whatever the hell Cat Stevens calls himself now
30) Immense ancient sea monsters OVER Aliens
31) Sight OVER Sound OVER Touch OVER Taste OVER Smell
33) stopping when it's not fun OVER doing your best OVER 33 overs OVER as many overs as you want
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2010|06:18 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

[Current Music |Brainticket]

Humanity over the victory of a cunning animal.
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The Son over The Father [Aug. 5th, 2009|01:18 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

Beat It over The Warriors
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2009|11:13 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

[Current Mood |geeky]

making some bread OVER waking the dead OVER making your bed

doctor seuss OVER mother goose

rhyming OVER nickel & diming
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Because I kind of consider myself an expert now... [Jul. 13th, 2009|09:46 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

Wasabi macadamia nuts over Kona coffee glazed macadamia nuts over Chocolate toffee macadamia nuts over milk chocolate macadamia nuts

But really, overall, you just can't beat just plain old roasted and salted macadamia nuts.

Also, parking near the cart return at the grocery store over parking near the front door
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33 over 33 [Jun. 26th, 2009|05:38 pm]
Patrick Ewing Overdrive

Ewing over Shaq
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