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33 Overs

Lists over actual thought

Patrick Ewing Overdrive
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Select Members , Moderated

How to:
Click on that "join this community" link @ th top of th page. Den I'll approve yr membership. Den you drop a list of overs on us. Overs are comparisons taking th form "Something over Something Else That's Not As Good". You can write a list containing 33 overs (per th original form of th game), or however many you want--even just a single over, if you like. Den we make fun of it, or agree w/ it, or improvise off of it ... and there's no voting, only playing. And den you stick around and drop overs whenever th fancy strikes.

Members may post about anything they want, as long as they mention Something that is better than Something Else. (All comments must include some kind of over, as well.)

HERE was th first known appearance of this game [2002.05.21].

And another example of it, here [2003.06.05].

And here, th inventor's ex-girlfriend takes a stab @ it, just like she stabbed my freakin' HEART [2003.06.11].

Lj stremph was th second man on this moon [2002.05.21].

Nearly one year later, he became th sphere's first two-time visitor [2003.04.04].

Lj wedrinkbitter provides guiding principles HERE.

Immoderators: Ljs lostcosmonaut, mittenstein, odobenidae, rebirtha, stremph, tabletop, wedrinkbitter.

Black Cat, White Cat
Legendary mascot

Game ON.
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